About Us

About Saran Company :

The upcoming world is a scope for creativity and innovation which cannot be realized except in the light of knowledge, expertise, and effort. Such an arena, craves for an advanced technology and optimal use of superior approaches, which account for a substantial prerequisite to achieve a suitable response to the needs and delivery of collective interests in modern societies.

Saran Company has deemed the issues of superior quality and appropriate supply as its performance policies. It is honored to make it is performance and production methods complied with the international standards through the use of the world’s superior knowledge and modern technology, hoping to be able to take a step towards improving the Heating, Ventilating , and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

Saran company has set to become as a complex with the ability to supply it is achievements at a superior level in the international arena compared to it is competitors and producers, expecting to play a role in achieving self-sufficiency by adopting appropriate methods and integrating knowledge and experience in the fields of production and supply of modern HVAC equipment and systems.

Saran Co. history :

Saran Co. activity has begun with a handful of experts since the early 1980s. Upon emergence, this company has produced an enormous progress in the HVAC industry in a short time. Having a space of 60,000 equipped with machinery and using advanced technology and skilled manpower. Saran Company has now the capability of designing, manufacturing, and supplying advanced HVAC equipment and system for various applications.